by William Scott McDonald, MD

March 24, 2020

Gluteal Fat Transfer or Buttocks Contouring also known as Brazilian Butt Lift or BBL has become one of the most common body contouring procedures now requested and performed in our practice.  There are a number of reasons why including patient demand for a natural and effective method to improve the lower trunk contours.  The truth is that it is effective!  Although there has been a lot of negative (and appropriately accurate) press associated with the procedure and its dangers,  there have been significant retrospection and research into their causes.  Also, there are now state  laws for outpatient surgery centers that limit over aggressive procedures . Consequently, the procedure is a safe method and by far the most common procedure for contouring the buttocks.

The procedure is begun by choosing the areas of body contouring by suction assisted lipectomy (liposuction).  These areas double as the donor site for obtaining fat to be transferred to the areas of buttocks enhancement.  The most common areas we access are the anterior and posterior trunk (abdomen and back).  I prefer general anesthesia because of the completeness it provides in comfort and stability to achieve the most refined treatment with liposuction and buttocks sculpting.  Once obtained, the fat is prepared in a closed system (separated from the atmosphere and limiting potential contamination)  and subsequently carefully placed in the subcutaneous space of the buttocks region.  
The procedure is effective for improving roundness or width of the buttocks, as well as the projection.   Also traumatic depressions or cellulite can be treated and improved.  
Post operative care is also important for achieving a great result.  Antibiotics and  pain medicine  are prescribed although the amount of pain varies between patients.  Compression garments (also known as a “faja” in south florida)  are prescribed and there are excellent brands available to maintain the wanted shape while healing.  These usually come in a one piece garment and include the buttocks.  Also a sitting pillow that relieves pressure on the buttocks will be recommended for several weeks.  With these measures patients can expect to achieve a long lasting great result.