Rhinoplasty is a surgery performed by the Plastic Surgeon which reshapes the nose for aesthetic or medical reasons. The rhinoplasty surgery is performed  by creating small incisions and manipulating the soft tissue to arrive at the desired size and shape. The Rhinoplasty Surgeon offers many variations in nose shape and size of the tip or bridge, including narrowing of the nostrils or change in the angle between the nose and upper lip.

The Rhinoplasty Plastic Surgeon offers complimentary consultations at his state of the art surgical facility.

Your complimentary Rhinoplasty consultation with Doctor Scott McDonald, MD will begin with a physical examination of your nose and other facial features. This will include identifying functional problems, as well as cosmetic issues of concern. The Rhinoplasty Surgeon will review a history of any previous surgeries or trauma to the nose and any seasonal allergy problems that you might have. After examining your nose and facial features, the Rhinoplasty Surgeon will discuss your surgical options.

The Rhinoplasty Surgery procedure usually takes one to two hours, but on some rare instances may take longer. The nature of what is done to the nose is dependant on the patients wants, needs and desires and is usually discussed during the consultation. Rhinoplasty surgery, including any necessary surgery to the septum or turbinates, can be performed as an outpatient procedure.

There will be swelling and puffiness during the first 48-72 hours after the rhinoplasty surgery. The bruising commonly associated with nose surgery usually peaks at 72 hours, disappearing after 7 – 10 days.  Ice applied to the area will help reduce the bruising.

In the event that you wear eyeglasses, they will need to be fixed away from the nose. A common method is to tape the glasses to the forehead. Typically, you may return to work after a week after Rhinoplasty Surgery, in the event your work does not require too much physical activity.