Scar Revision

Scarring on your face either from an injury / or a surgery can dramatically affect your self esteem. Some scars may diminish and become much less noticeable with time.  Many surgeons will suggest waiting a period of up to a year after the original incident to allow improvement. This may vary with the type or location of the scar. There are many different types of scarring (e.g., keloid, hypertrophic, contractures) and no scar can be completely removed, but their appearance can be made less obvious through a customized procedure which may include steroid injections / topical medication, dermabrasion, laser scar revision or scar revision surgery. Fat transfer for scarring has recently shown promise in scar revision.

Because no facial scar is similar – scarring differs for each person –  a combination of a variety of treatment methods may be beneficial to achieving the least possible visibility and the best possible result.  The Scar Revision Plastic Surgeon will discuss your specific Scar Revision options during your complimentary consultation with him at his office.

If you have a scar that you have been concerned with and would like to improve it, come in for an evaluation. Many scar revision procedures to correct previous injuries or surgery may be covered by your insurance. Let our helpful staff set you up for an appointment and assist you in determining whether coverage can be obtained.