Forehead Lift

Both men and women choose to undergo Forehead Lift Surgery from the plastic surgery practice of Board Certified Plastic Surgeon, Scott McDonald, MD., for different reasons. Forehead Lift Surgery is designed to smooth wrinkles and correct drooping eyebrows and heavy eyelids to provide a younger, friendlier and more alert appearance.

In forehead lift surgery, several incisions can be used to achieve the desired results. Because of his substantial experience, Dr. McDonald can evaluate your forehead and help you choose the proper approach to maximize the results while minimizing the amount of surgery. Typically, the muscles of the brow are treated to simultaneously minimize the amount of wrinkling of the forehead.

Patients often combine the forehead lift with a facelift or blepharoplasty (eyelid lift). Often, a forehead lift can dramatically improve the appearance of the upper eyelids and allow the Plastic Surgeon to perform a more conservative upper blepharoplasty while still realizing a beneficial effect.