Otoplasty is a surgical process performed by the Plastic Surgeon to reshape the ear. A variety of different techniques and approaches may be used to reshape congenital prominence in the ears or to restore damaged ears. The Otoplasty Plastic Surgeon offers complimentary consultations at his state of the art surgical facility.

Each individual seeking Otoplasty is unique both in terms of the appearance of their ears and expectations for results following Otoplasty surgery. Otoplasty, commonly referred to as ‘ear pinning,’ is a relatively minor surgical procedure to minimize the appearance of oversized or protruding ears. Otoplasty is a common cosmetic surgical procedure in which prominent ears or large ears are reshaped to lie closer to the side of the head. The procedure is sometimes known as “ear pinning”. Frequently, this procedure is done for children who are self-conscious or being teased about their prominent ears. Sometimes, Otoplasty is offered to young adults or older patients who always wanted their ears corrected but did not previously have the opportunity.

An effective option for adults and children, an Otoplasty can be performed on patients as young as four years of age. Many parents choose Otoplasty for their children in order to avoid the teasing and self-esteem issues that children with protruding ears are frequently exposed to. This is a personal decision, and one that should be made in consultation with your child. While many families choose Otoplasty for their young children, this procedure can be done at any time, and is frequently performed by the Otoplasty Surgeon on adults as well.

The Otoplasty procedure is performed by the Plastic Surgeon under local anesthetic (for adults), in his Plastic Surgery office.

First, the Plastic Surgeon will prepare the area to be worked on and administer anesthetic. Once the area is anesthetized and the patient is ready, the Otoplasty Plastic Surgeon will make a small incision along the back of the ear. Depending on the condition being treated, the Plastic Surgeon will then reshape or fold the ear cartilage to reduce the size of the ear or to make it lay closer against the head. By using classic techniques that have withstood the test of time, the results will be long-lasting.