What to Expect

How do I get started with Dr. McDonald?

Now that you’ve researched your procedure and decided cosmetic surgery is for you, you’ll need to contact Dr. McDonald’s office to schedule a consultation. A consultation lasts about 30 minutes and there is no charge for cosmetic consults. If you are seeing Dr. McDonald for an insurance procedure, your specialist co-pay will apply.  During your consultation, the doctor will listen to your goals, explain what the procedure involves and set realistic expectations. This is the time to ask the doctor any questions you have, discuss medical history and past surgeries, as well as let him know all medications and herbal supplements you are taking.

What’s next?

Once you and Dr. McDonald agree on the best surgery for you, you”ll be given orders for pre-op testing. This can include but not be limited to: EKG, CBC/Chem7, INR/PT/PTT, and a chest X-Ray. Plan for the results to take 48 hours to receive. These should be completed 2 weeks prior to the surgery. Dr. McDonald may want to see you for a final consultation before the surgery day, but it is not always necessary.

Day of Surgery

Plan to arrive 1 hour prior to the surgery. Surgeries and patients are all different so there is only an estimated length of time. If you are undergoing a procedure requiring anesthesia, have comfort in knowing your anesthesia will be provided by a board certified Anesthesiologist. Once the surgery is complete, and you are awake and up, you’ll need to have someone with you to drive you home from the surgical center.

Follow Up After Surgery

After your surgery, you will see Dr. McDonald 3-4 times: the day after, 5-7 days after, and 2 weeks after. All surgeries and patients heal differently and the post op visits will vary.


No matter how small you feel your surgery is, surgery is still surgery. You will need to rest and recover. For many procedures, like tummy tucks and neck lifts, you need to plan to not drive for at least a week. For face and body patients, the doctor often advises to take off work for a week in order to focus on your recovery.

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